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Should you be in the water in a thunderstorm?
Yes, it’s safer in the water
No, swimming in a thunderstorm is especially dangerous
Which is the logo of a life-saving association?

Where is it safe to jump into the water?
Only where the water is deep enough
Only after I've checked for depth and obstructions
Which flag indicates a swimming zone?
Who is not allowed to swim or bathe outside of indicated swimming zones?
All swimmers
How far is a non-swimmer allowed to go into the water?
Only to a depth where it is possible to stand up safely
Only to the edge of the swimming zone
What are the names of our two lifeguards?
Max and Vivi
Dawid and Pamela
Do I have to follow instructions from lifeguards?
No, their instructions only apply to non-swimmers
Yes, because their instructions apply to everyone in the water and on the beach
What should I eat before going into the water?
Lots of fruit and vegetables
It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not too much or too little
What should I never scream at the beach unless I have a good reason?
I love MV!
What is permitted for use as a swimming aid?

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